Telling the stories from an ethical perspective


This particular column targets an intriguing life stories coming from corporate entities, Business executives, students and every individual who one way or the other have gone through a stage in life and have surpass all the life challenges to achieve a certain goal or accomplishments and can now boast up and say “God has been good”. Those people with testimonies are the people with great stories to tell, because behind every Glory, there’s definitely a Story

“My Story” will cover an overwhelming exclusives which cuts across Career, Educational experience, Relationship experience, Sense of fashion, Married life if married, Parental life and specific things these people went through in the course of achieving what they have accomplished

NB: Each person determines which area he or she prefers to talk about, depending on the testimony he or she has to tell

So this first week, I bring to my cherished and faithful readers short videos of endorsement from my reliable adherents. Enjoy and let’s join the trail


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