In a wake of time, celebrities especially those in the movie industry have eventually subjected themselves to promoting and exposing their vulnerable children to this corruptible industry.
Veteran actresses in Ghana and Nigeria, including our own Genevieve Nnaji and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, managed to keep their kids away from the industry and still were very successful in their acting career.
Quite recently, it’s been obvious as showing off kids of celebrities has gone viral. It has become some kind of new fashion when Hollywood celebrities like Will Smith took that bold step to introduce his son into acting.
But the big question behind these entire charadesis “Do you really think this is what these kids really want? To be exposed to the world against their will because they are kids and can’t decide for themselves?Hmmm. Some of these personalities have gone to the extreme of not just exposing them to their jobs, but have even opened social media accounts for these defenseless little children, God knows what exactly they intend to achieve. Below are captions of celebrities and their kids